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Hull Cleaning

Regular in water Hull Cleanings save fuel and increase the life and effectiveness of your paint.

Learn about the importance of Antifouling Bottom Paint Here

All hull cleanings Include:

  • Removal of soft & hard growth and slime from 6in above the waterline to the keel

  • Check and clean all through hulls

  • Check & clean all running gear & electronics (props, shafts, trim rams & tabs, transducer, knot meter)

  • Monitor paint and zinc conditions


Pricing Schedule:

  • Sailboats under 50': $2.50 per foot for maintenance

  • Motor Vessels under 50': $2.75 per foot for maintenance
    Add $15.00 per cleaning for each outdrive.

  • Vessels 50' to 65' $3.00 per foot

  • Vessels 65' and up call for a quote

For heavily fouled vessels that are not on a regular maintenance schedule
$95 per hour.

We Also Pull Props & Replace Zincs

Commercial Hull Cleaning: Quoted by job. Typically $175 per man per hour

To Schedule Service or get a quote call us at (904)755-4546 Or email us at DaneShields@ds-diving.com


Hull Cleaning

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