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Dock Piling Restoration 
The video above will show you an example of what nature and woodworms do to dock pilings.

DS Diving Service is experienced in restoring your dock pilings without expensive replacement, often requiring barges, cranes and pile drivers, giving  them, and your dock years of additional life and extending the investment you made during initial construction or purchase.

Services include:
Piling Cleaning
Preventative Piling Wrapping
Concrete Reinforcement and Restoration

Woodworms float at the surface and attack wood pilings in the area where the surface of the water rises and falls with the tide.

Damaged pilings can be encased in concrete, and sleeved in a protected wrapping that shields the tidal / woodworm damage

To Schedule a Piling Evaluation, Repair or to get a quote call us at (904)755-4546
Or email us at DaneShields@ds-diving.com


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