Prop Pulling Services

Some boat owners store their boats in the water either because they live on the water, store at a marina or their boats are too large to be transported on a trailer. Because of this, their vessels cannot be adequately cleaned and inspected after every use, nor can props be pulled and repairs be easily made. That is why DS Diving is here to help.

During our routine maintenance appointments, we regularly monitor our clients running gear. If your prop is damaged or you are just looking for a facelift, we also offer prop pulling services. Replacing a propellor on a submerged vessel takes great care. Luckily our certified and licensed staff members are here to help.

Prop Pulling

Prop Pulling or changing a propellor is the act of removing and replacing a damaged, old, or malfunctioning prop with a working one.

Reasons why you might change your prop

  1. Damage to the prop is probably the most likely scenario in which you would need to replace your propellor. Maybe you accidentally ran aground or got tangled in the weeds; there is a real possibility that the prop of your boat has sustained considerable damage that will warrant it being changed.
  2. Decreased speed is another reason one may want to switch their propellor. If you are running an aluminum prop you may want to consider switching to a stainless-steel prop. Steel propellors are stronger and can be made thinner. A thinner prop will create less drag and can hold its shape at higher speeds.
  3. Is your boat consuming too much fuel? Your prop could be the problem and should be changed. A dented, dinged or otherwise out-of-whack propellor can steal upwards of 10 percent of your fuel. Making sure you have a pristine and properly sized propellor for your boat is key.

What to consider when choosing your next prop

The goal in choosing a propeller is to determine what prop would maximize your boat's performance. When people talk about the diameter and pitch of your propellor, they are not just talking nonsense. With this in mind, you should consider the size of your boat, how fast you want your boat to go, and how you will be storing your boat. Our certified staff knows all things boating, just ask our crew next time you see them!

How can we help?

Our expert crew can help you with changing an underwater prop. We'll remove the damaged or old propeller and replace it with your new functional one. To make sure you don’t miss a minute of it we also provide a video recording of the whole process so that you can play it back and see how we did.


We always try to offer our services at affordable prices. At just $10 per inch of the propellor, you can get your prop pulled and the new propellor installed if it is onsite and ready to go. If you have not purchased your replacement yet we will take the responsibility of getting one ordered and will still return to install the new prop for an additional $50 trip charge.

How do propellers work?

A boat propeller has a mechanism that usually consists of three or more blades that uses power to rotate within the water to create forward or backward thrust. The powerful rotation of the staggered blades cutting through the water help push your boat and get it to plane.

Anatomy of a Propeller

  • Hub – is the solid cylinder located at the center, where each blade is attached
  • Blade(s) - the long-curved pieces that extend outwards from the hub
  • Blade Face - surfaces facing away from the stern and towards the sea
  • Blade Tip - the outermost point of the blade, not necessarily a ‘true point’
  • Blade Back - the surface facing the bow
  • Cup - curved lip on the propeller
  • Blade Root- the point of transition from the blade edges that curves into the hub point
  • Trailing Edge – the back edge of the blade that retreats from the flow of the water allowing water to ‘roll off its back’
  • Leading Edge – the forward part of the bade that leads into the flow of the water, helping to push the water across the blade face

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