Routine Underwater Maintenance | A Life Saver

Many boaters overlook the importance of routine maintenance and like a lighthouse, we are here to help bring it back into light. Routine underwater maintenance covers you from a few inches above the waterline all the way to the keel. Your hull, through hulls, anodes, running gear, and bottom paint; all these need to be maintained properly to ensure longevity.

Neglecting routine maintenance can cause your investment to degrade at an accelerated rate and cause you to have costly repairs over the years.

Why Perform Underwater Maintenance?

Owning a boat is a lot of responsibility, and one of these responsibilities is the maintenance of your boat. Routine maintenance is highly suggested to keep your boat shinning and to keep your boat running at its best. In the long run you will save money, being made aware of any issues that arise at each underwater cleaning.

After all, prevention is always better and cheaper than a cure. DS Diving offers expert underwater services.

What is included in a DS Diving Routine Maintenance Service?

At every routine maintenance job, we cover all portions of your vessel that live underwater. We only use certified and licensed drivers to complete your cleaning service. Every member of the crew is outfitted with an underwater camera to film every step of our process. Upon completion each client is sent a copy of their service video.

Hull Cleaning

Our hull cleaning begins 6 inches above the waterline, and we don’t stop until we reach the keel. During hull cleanings, we remove soft and hard growths as well as slime and algae.

Overtime, if left to grow and feed, those growths can cause deterioration of your boat and can even affect your boat’s performance. That is why, depending on how often you use your vessel, it is advised clean your hull every 4-12 weeks.

Contact us to get the hull of your vessel professionally cleaned.

Bottom paint and zinc monitoring

While we are underwater cleaning your hull, we are sure to monitor your antifouling bottom paint and zinc anodes. Both bottom paint and sacrificial anodes slowly deteriorate when consistently underwater. Our crew provides expert advice on when you should re-paint your hull and have your zincs replaced.

We offer zinc replacement services. When added to your routine maintenance we only charge $10 an anode. While we don’t offer bottom paint services we do know the names of some local bottom paint professionals.

Contact us if you would like your zincs replaced or if you need the name of a talented antifouling service provider.

Other cleaning services

Your hull is not the only important part of your boat to keep clean. You cannot overlook your running gear. Your outdrive engines, thrusters and keel cooler all need to be routinely cleaned and inspected.

Having heavily fouled or damaged running gear will greatly impact your boats performance. Just like hulls, you can get an antifouling coating to cover your running gear, but this will not fully stop marine growth from happening. While we are below the surface cleaning your hull, we can clean your running gear as well. We simply add $15 to our maintenance fee per equipment piece.

DS diving also offers prop pulling services. If your propellor has been damaged or you are just looking for a performance change, we can remove your prop and replace it with your new one.

Contact our licensed team if you need help with prop pulling.


If you have run aground, recently nicked your dock, or some other incident; DS Diving offers underwater inspections. We perform a full underwater inspection to help ascertain your boat's general health and provide professional input on what the next steps should be.

Why use us

We understand that a lot of people just do not have the time to keep up with the general maintenance that comes with owning a boat, especially one that is wet stored. That is where DS Diving comes into play.

With our many years of experience, licensed divers, and knowledge of all thing’s boats; we can help with all your maintenance needs. We will give you the professional assistance every fellow seaman deserves. With our underwater boat cleaning, boat detailing, and general boat maintenance, you no longer must worry about your boat's care. You can kick back and leave it in our hands.

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