The Purpose of a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Everyone who has purchased a used vessel knows there can be hidden problems. That is why it is recommended that you get any vessel inspected by a professional before you go make that final purchase payment.

Buying a recreational boat, yacht or commercial vessel is a big purchase and hefty investment. This can be overwhelming to first time boat buyer. There are so many things to research, questions to ask and elements to review; especially when you are buying a pre-owned boat.

We can help take some of that stress off your shoulders. Bring us along and you are sure to walk away with all the details you need to make an informative decision.

What to Expect from a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

At DS DIVING, our highly trained and professional boat surveyors perform dry and wet inspections. We go below the surface to inspect the hull and running gear, as well as inspect the open-air portions of the vessel. Our crew knows the right questions to ask and where hidden problem could be lurking. We guarantee we provide you with all the important details for you to make the most informed choice you possibly can.

Why Get A Boat Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is one of the final steps before buying a boat. By testing the motor, inspecting the hull, running gear and monitoring the electronics; a great majority of pre-purchase concerns can be pre-diagnosed. If everything passes during the inspection, you can then take it out on a sea trial to make sure everything is in working order.

What Is Included in Pre-Purchase Inspection?

  • Checking the Hull Health - Like the tires to your car - your hull needs a special kind of attention. Tires keep a car above the road, while a hull allows your boat to float. Even with the best engine, if a car does not have tires, it will not be drivable, the same goes with your boats hull. If you hull is damaged or fouled it will affect the performance of your vessel; whether it be the speed or its ability to keep you and your passengers afloat. We will inspect the level of fouling, catalog any dents, dings & chips, as well as checking the state of the bottom paint.
  • Prop & Motor Inspection - While below the surface we will also inspect the outdrives and running gear. Running gear is what keeps your boat moving, without the use of oars that is. Our expert crew will inspect the status of your propeller, the shaft, the trim tabs, and all its other important parts. DS diving will provide a list of suggested repairs or a clean bill of health.
  • Zinc Deterioration Check - Sacrificial anodes are a part of all boats. They are introduced to protect the more noble metal that lies beneath. The anode will protect the metal below from rust and deterioration. However, when any metal is introduced into a reactive solution like saltwater deterioration is a guarantee. Zinc anodes are among the most popular to act as sacrificial anodes. Overtime zinc will deteriorate and will need to be replaced to ensure continued protection of the metal below. Our team will inspect the Zincs and provide which ones and how many should be replaced before purchase.
  • Above Water Walkthrough - Although we live for diving below the surface when it comes to a pre-purchase inspection, we will also review the health of the boat above the waterline. We will check the hull for damage, the outdrives insides, flooring, electronics, etc. We will provide a list that consists of our areas of concern or tell you that you can happily purchase your brand-new toy!

How Can We Help?

At DS DIVING, one of our goals is to relieve our customers from the stress that comes with purchasing a boat. We do this by providing critical services that allows our fellow boaters and anglers to spend more time enjoying their toy rather than worrying about maintenance. DS Diving hires only the best. Each diver has been highly trained, licensed and insured. Our team includes boat surveyors skilled in various forms of inspections.

Pre purchase inspections are a necessity when purchasing a pre-owned boat. You want to become an owner of a new-to-you toy and not a money pit. We know all the spots to check, questions to ask and have the ability to go below the service to inspect the hull and running gear to ensure no stone is left unturned. Our teams are always outfitted with waterproof cameras to film the whole experience, which we then export and send to our customers for their files and to show that we do not hide anything from our clients.


Many first-time boat buyers may not even be aware of the option for a pre-purchase inspection. All the excitement and inexperience can cause someone to make a quick decision and end up with a lemon. Whether you are a seasoned boat buyer or a newbie, we suggest always opting in for a pre-purchase inspection.

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