What Causes Piling Deterioration & How to Protect Against it

Most docks, piers, and their pilings are made of wood. With time wood always deteriorates, especially when submerged in water. Shipworms, barnacles, weather, waves, natural disasters, etc. can all aid in the destruction of your wood. Luckily, there are ways to prevent and protect against piling deterioration.

At DS diving, we offer premium underwater cleanings, restoration, and prevention for your piling.

What is eating at your piling?

Just about anything in the water can eat at your pilings, even the movement of the sea itself! Learn a little more about each hidden evil waiting to take out your pilings!

  • Shipworms - Shipworms are a type or saltwater clam believe it or not.  They like the flavor of your salty dock and pier pilings. Ever hopped into the water off your dock or swam near a pier? These worms burrow into your wood and create those little holes you may have noticed while taking your dip. Over time if enough holes are made your pilings can snap like a twig.
  • Natural Growth - Marine growth like barnacles, algae and other aquatic growths attach themselves to your pilings. The secretions, feeding and excessive weight of these creatures can do extensive damage over time.
  • Age of the Wood - Like most things, wood does not age well. Aging wood is more prone to rot and being submerged in water makes it even worse. Over time this rot can cause the wood to weaken, and in its weakened state it can even collapse.
  • The Tide - The tide rises and falls 4 times a day, not to mention the waves and current; this consistent movement causes excessive wear and tear. Erosion of still objects in the ocean is a real concern. If not properly maintained the pile could become unsteady or would give way with a dock full of people on it.
  • Natural Disasters - We live in Florida, the hurricane capital of the US. That does not even account for the over 90 days of rain a year, the tropical storms, waterspouts, or tornadoes. It does not need to be mentioned that natural disasters cause mass destruction wherever they land.

How to Protect Your Dock or Pier

  • Regular Cleanings - Just like anything else if you take care of it - it will last. Routine cleanings and speedy repairs can mean all the difference. Regular cleanings will discourage growth and hep to keep it at bay.
  • Preventative Wrappings - These wraps help to prevent natural rot as well as protect your dock from worms. In the case that rot, and worms are already present, the wraps will help to prevent any further damage and will suffocate & kill worms deep inside the piling. Installing preventive wraps on your pilings can increase your docks lifespan by 10-15 years.
  • Concrete Reinforcements & Restorations - If your pilings are damaged or just worn with time, concrete reinforcements may be the best line of defense to stave off complete pile destruction. During restoration, we place a barrier around your pilings, and then fill up the space with concrete. This will fill up any cracks, worm holes and seeps deep into the pilings; reinforcing it from within. Concrete reinforcements and restoration will leave your pilings stronger than ever.

How can We Help?

DS diving is a one-stop shop! Our certified crew can inspect your pilings, strip & clean, apply protective wrappings and reinforce your pilings with concrete. We are the perfect team to dock-tor up your dock or pier. With affordable prices, we provide all possible methods in restoring and reinforcing your dock. Get your dock back in ship-shape with DS Diving.

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