Pre-Purchase Inspections, Damage Evals, Piling Inspections

Do you need piece of mind? Get help from a professional. We perform underwater inspections of all kinds.
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Need a Professionals Opinion?

We provide quality advice post inspection!

When you go to buy a new boat, house with a dock or pier, or maybe an elevated waterfront house we can help give you peace of mind. Before purchasing such a large investment, especially when they are coupled with underwater structures, it is important to survey everything.

Inspection Services:

Has your dock or boat had a bit of bad luck lately? Our licensed divers go below the surface, examining and accessing the damage to your vessel and your pilings. DS Diving will provide knowledgeable action plans and service references if needed.

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Our Spin on Inspections

DS Diving goes above and beyond the ‘normal’ inspection requirements by videoing each inspection. We give the customer a unique view, our view. Upon completion of the inspection we provide a copy of the full service performed. No more second guessing, see for yourself!

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Here at DS Diving we enjoy providing essential knowledge for our fellow seaman. Dive in to learn more!
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