Search & Recovery

Small Item Recovery, Vessel Recovery, Cargo Recovery

Have you lost something valuable overboard? DS Diving performs small scale and large scale underwater search and recovery missions.
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Lost at Sea?

We can get your item back to you!

Losing items overboard is a hazard of our lifestyle. If you have lost something meaningful or expensive enough, you will likely do what you can to get them back. Let us help. Our team of licensed divers have a long history of search and recovery. From lost wedding rings to entire vessels.

Services Offered:
  • Small Item Recovery
  • Lost Vessel Search and Recovery
  • Cargo and Equipment Recovery

DS Diving does not just set out and hope we happen upon your belongings. Our team calculates related search zones and performs underwater recovery services. Do not feel like you are missing out on the treasure hunt, each member of our crew is outfitted with a mounted camera to film the whole search and recovery experience.

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I didn't lose anything; I just need help!

Has your boat sunk? Is it taking on water? Did some cargo fall off your ship? Our professional team of divers has got your back. We offer various levels of salvage services: afloat salvage, offshore salvage, cargo & equipment salvage, harbor salvage, and more.

Often ‘search & recovery’ is used synonymously with ‘salvage’. However, they are rather different. Recovery services reference the retrieval of a possession that has been lost; while salvage pertains to saving a vessel, its crew, or belongings from a disaster.

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Search & Recovery


Here at DS Diving we enjoy providing essential knowledge for our fellow seaman. Dive in to learn more!
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Search & Recovery


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