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Zinc's have a life span, when were yours replaced last? A few months? a year? 2 years? It's probably time, let us help!
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Got Rusty Zincs?

We can replace them!

Zinc anodes are typically used on the parts of the hull and running gear that remain underwater and need extra protection. Our licensed divers will go below the surface to replace your zincs with newer sets. Zinc anodes are used as a cap (or sacrificial anode) to cover the more noble metals, to protect them from rust and galvanic corrosion. These caps help to keep your boat running and your hull healthy.

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When we go underwater to clean you hull, we like to look at everything, including your zincs and prop. We will monitor the level of your anodes and provide our experience backed suggestions for zinc replacement. If you pair your zinc replacements with our cleaning or prop pulling services, you can get a great deal.

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What is the Purpose?

When metal is submerged into a reactive solution like saltwater, an electrical current is created, called electrolysis. The metal reacts with the saltwater, creating a perfect environment for galvanic corrosion to occur. To protect the most noble metal, a softer metal (zinc) needs to be introduced to the solution.

The zinc will cap the important metal to act as a sacrificial anode. We sacrifice the zinc cap to protect the underlying parts from corrosion. Because of this the Zinc will deteriorate at an accelerated rate, making regular monitoring and prompt replacements essential.

Zinc Replacement


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Zinc Replacement


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